SEND and Challenging Behaviour

Positive Approaches to Supporting Challenging Behaviour

Here are some of the Resources I use with staff who are supporting SEND students with challenging behaviour.

I believe that behaviour is a function of environment. So we should manage behaviours, that we find a problem, in a positive way that has positive regard for the individual.  My materials reflect this philosophy.

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SEND & Challenging Behaviour– this is the mindmap (as a pdf) of my training session. EXCELLENT- and very comprehensive.   (Note: zip file, to save space, so download to your desktop and ‘Extract’ the file and open in  to Adobe Reader to use)

Behaviour Plan SENplus– Use this to plan positive supports for an individual.

Restorative Approaches-Peer Mediation Teachers– Powerpoint introducing the 5 step approach to Restorative Justice.

Restorative Approaches peer mediation script– Print this aide memoire to use when resolving a situation involving conflict.

Behaviour Contextual Audit- SENplus– EXCELLENT checklist for school environment to support positive behaviour without the classroom.

Behaviour- Classroom Audit- SENplus– EXCELLENT checklist for all you can do in the classroom to support positive behaviour.

Behaviour Management Video Links

Bayley on Behaviour: Establishing the ground rules (Teachers TV)– Link to the first of a whole series of practical positive behaviour management in the classroom.

Bill Rogers – Cracking the Challenging Class (Programme 1)– Series of Videos from Behaviour Management Guru.

Teach Like a Champion: Getting everyone’s attention in class