Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Useful weblinks to Resources for supporting children on the autistic spectrum / aspergers continuum.

Click on the coloured wording to follow the weblink.


The National Autistic Society- has a huge number of practical and useful resources for schools and families

Autism Education Trust– FREE CPD for education professionals- and link to IDP Autism materials- excellent.

Autism Speaks- Sleep Toolkits-  resource for schools and parents for children with sleep difficulties.

Ambitious about Autism is the national charity for children and young people with autism. Provides services, raise awareness and understanding, and campaign for change.


Autism 2– My mindmap for training on ASD Spectrum. (Note: Download this zipped file to your desktop, EXTRACT the file, then open the resulting pdf it in Adobe Reader.)

ASD- Classroom Checklist– EXCELLENT checklist by SENplus to support inclusion of students on the Autistic Spectrum.

ASD- Student Map– EXCELLENT SENplus checklist to use with student and parents to discuss their individual differences and plan to support them using NAS recommended SPELL strategies.

Autism Toolbox- A Resource for Scottish Schools.  EXCELLENT links to lots of useful resources.

ASD- Resource pack for schools November 2014– National Autistic Society (NAS) publication EXCELLENT.

ASD good practice guide part 2– 65 pages of advice to everyone from the Autism Working Group.

ASD good practice guide part 1

ASD Visual Aids– good video on the Home page

Multi-Sensory ideas and training – from Richard Hirstwood’s website

Sensory_Audit_or_Schools_and_Classrooms- IDP   Sensory Audit – designed bu Val Jones and Ian Attfield from the IDP section on sensory perception and responses.



Below are Youtube Links to great videos:

What is Autism?– EXCELLENT National Autistic Society introduction to Autism.

The Boy in a Bubble– from SEN Assist website, an animated encouragement to live with Autism– staff and pupils will love this.

10 Things You Should Know About Autism– EXCELLENT Personal Message to people who encounter ASD

Secondary SEN- Inclusion and Autism.- Teachers TV Video about Wodensborough Secondary supporting pupils with Autism.

What are Social Stories- Carol Gray– EXCELLENT introduction to Social Stories.

Social Stories- How to Greet Someone– Example Social Story.

Social Stories- Entering the Classroom– Another Example.

Social Stories- Feeling Angry– And Another.

 iPad Apps for Special Education and Fun – sensory ideas from Richard Hirstwood