Data for SENCOs

SENCOs need to analyse their school’s pupil data to ensure they are making effective provision for Vulnerable pupils.

Below are useful Resources to support their analyses.

**Click on the Title to download the Resource.**


Essential Resources

SENCO and Data Analysis-SENplus – the main Analysis Tasks for a SENCO- your data analysis checklist!

SENCO Data Essentials 2016– EXCELlent (see what I did there- Excel?!) Resource!! Designed by me to enable you to record all your essential whole-school SENCO Data from RAISE-Online.  An Excel spreadsheet which will calculate lots of the percentages and numbers for you!!


Other Resources

what_analysis_ can_I_do_with_my_FS_and_KS1_results_2014-Herts– just sensible ideas for Foundation Stage and KS1.

SFR31_2014_Attainment_Progression_Tables-DfE  Set Targets using Progression Guidance, see my Progression Guidance Page.

Tracking Progress Grid- Excel– for Pupil Level Progress

Pupil Attainment Tracking Grid 2014- for Pupil Level Progress

Using GAS to Evaluate Provisions– how to use GAS (Goal Attainment Scaling)

PM- Evaluating Impact Using GAS–  collect data to evaluate the impact of Provision on Pupil Progress

KS2_relationships– affective data- helps you fullfil the OfSTED Personal Development Criteria?

KS2_attitudes – affective data- helps you fullfil the OfSTED Personal Development Criteria?