Dyslexia Friendly

Here are Resources I have chosen to support staff learning about Dyslexia:


Dyslexia Websites

Drive for Literacy– EXCELLENT website from the Driver Youth Trust and ARK Schools. Drive for Literacy enables teachers to spot the signs of dyslexia and ensure that their pupils receive the support that they need. Watch Eddie Izard video to start.

British Dyslexia Association (BDA)– provides lots of information (feels rather dated)- link to screening tests  and Dyslexia Friendly School Quality Mark etc.

The Dyslexia-SpLD Trust– The Trust aims to ensure that in order for children with Dyslexia/ SpLD to succeed in school, and collects together work from across many charitable trusts.  The Literacy and Dyslexia/SpLD Professional Development  Framework is main focus of Resources.

Dyslexia Action– provide support, assessments and tuition through national Learning Centres, through online distance learning and in schools across the country, alongside supporting educators and employers through the provision of resources and training.

Helen Arkell– Dyslexia and other support, though you will need to pay for most of it…..

View the following webcasts and get resources FREE simply by registering:

Webcast: Dyslexia and the Simple View of Reading by Sir Jim Rose

Webcast: Understanding Dyslexia and other Literacy Difficulties


Fish in the Tree – EXCELLENT Report from the Driver Youth Trust about ‘Why we are failing children with dyslexia’ and what we should do about it.

Dyslexia- An Introduction–  My Interactive Mindmap which I use to support an Introduction to Dyslexia training.  Download and Unzip to Adobe Reader pdf.

Dyslexia Friendly Action Plan- Primary- SENplus– EXCELLENT Action Plan to implement Primary Dyslexia Friendliness.

Dyslexia Friendly Action Plan- Secondary- SENplus– EXCELLENT Action Plan to implement Secondary Dyslexia Friendliness.

Dyslexia Friendly Self-evaluation Checklist for Staff- DfE

Dyslexia Pathways- SENplus- pdf– EXCELLENT 46 pages to enable Dyslexia Friendliness in schools– both Pupil and School Pathways are described.  Turn to the back for some EXCELLENT Checklists.

Dyslexia Resources Online

Identifying and Teaching Children etc Report by Sir Jim Rose- DfE– The seminal Report, full of EXCELLENT suggestions.

Introduction to Dyslexia-ppt- SENplus– EXCELLENT Powerpoint to use when introducing Dyslexia to staff.

Screening Tools BDA recommended: Screening for Dyslexia.

LINK to EVEN MORE Dyslexia weblinks on my ‘Support for Special Needs and Disability’ webpage


 On-Line Training

The IDP Materials have now been made available on-line again

Tutor-led online INSET from OnlineTraining UK


Video (and video links to u-Tube)

Decoding Dyslexia Video– EXCELLENT video to download.  Explains why it is so hard to support pupils with Dyslexia.

Teaching the Dyslexic Brain– EXCELLENT Video- The voiceover is American, which feels slightly strange to begin with, but the information and explanation of how and why Dyslexia occurs  is exceptionally comprehensive.

Decoding Dyslexia (Part 1)– Demonstrates why reading is so difficult for people with Dyslexia- a study in empathy- EXCELLENT. Just turn the volume down a bit.

What’s It Like Being Dyslexic? comic

Headstrong Nation: Inside the Hidden World of Dyslexia & ADHD   EXCELLENT (commentary from people who affected by Dyslexia/ADHD- Ben Foss movie)

 Secondary SEN Dyslexia Friendly Room- Teacher’s TV- Shows Dyslexia Friendly Classroom


Assessment On-Line

Literacy Assessment On-line– EXCELLENT Resource for screening and tracking large numbers of pupils

BDA Screening– screening for Dyslexia related difficulties

Lucid Rapid– Dyslexia Screener, takes 15 minutes.