Evidence Based Teaching

Here are my resources for CPD on Evidence-Based Teaching (EBT)….

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Active Learning


Improving Teaching and Learning using EBT– ppt to use for twilight training

Video Resources

John Hattie- Visible Learning-  part 1     There are 138 influences- watch the video to see his cogent discussion of what doesn’t work.

This continues the above and is about Teaching Methods that do work.
Mel is a leading researcher and writer in the Active Learning field- video of his thoughts about what it is and how it works.
Paper Resources
A very brief explanation of Active Learning and the ‘Constructivism’ theory of how the brain works- from Geoff Petty
About Active Learning- accompanied by 25 examples of techniques to use to promote Active Learning- from Geoff Petty
Booklet issued by DfE Northern Ireland to support Teachers in using Active Learning Techniques. (Very Comprehensive)
Website Links
various active learning activities that you might use
Geoff Petty introduces Teaching Without Talking Resource (from the Teacher’s Toolbox website- lots of EBT stuff)
Geoff Petty’s website-  Improve your teaching and that of your team

Top Ten Methods

Paper Resources
Brief overview of the most effective strategies for promoting good attainment for all children- with Area for Development tick box.
EBT- Top Ten Summary- 19 03 201

Summary of the Top Ten most effective Teaching Strategies- as identified by John Hattie.
Website Links