Provision Map using SIMS


Provision Mapping is essential to keep track of all the additional provision your school makes for pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium or those with Special Educational Needs and other vulnerable groups.  The DfE and OfSTED agree this should be a part of all school records keeping. Let show you how to do it and provide you with the necessary resources to use your SIMS software effectively.

Who Should Be Involved?

This project involves customising Capita’s SIMS software enabling you to organise all the data you need to manage your additional Provisions effectively.

Your Headteacher will need to approve the resources required to make this happen, which will include some staff training time and data inputting management resources.

To set up the software to enable ‘Provision Management using SIMS’ the person leading this within school will need to have ‘System Manager’ and ‘School Administrator’ access rights.

I advise that you should form a small team which will include the following staff: person from your SLT, SENCO, Inclusion / Behaviour Manager and TA/LSA.  The people involved should take time to raise awareness amongst all staff, particularly involving other sources of provision, such as Departmental Heads, Learning Mentors etc.


My Provision Map Resources page provides you with everything you need to manage your additional Provisions using SIMS.

Resources include written Guides, Video Guides and Provision Mapping Reports to import into your school’s SIMS software.

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Look at the Video and examples of the Provision Map Reports on my Demo Resources page.

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