Provision Map Resources

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NOTE:  The Resources below were previously available ONLY to Subscribers and were last updated in 2015.

I have Archived them and made them freely available because some individuals may continue to find some items useful.  Please feel free to explore but I will not be available to support them and cannot vouch for their continuing efficacy.



PM Start Guide– everything you need to know to get started

PM Quick Start Guide- mindmap 14 04 2015 – **Note** This looks blank when it opens in a web-browser. Right Click and ‘Save As’ then open it in Adobe Acrobat.  (New Adobe Acrobat confuses this for some reason).

PM Level 2 Guide 09 10 2013– Everything you need to know about Running Reports

Reports- PIVOT Essentials 17 11 2014–  Quick guide to producing beautiful  PIVOT tables and charts from your PM PIVOT Report.

PM to PIVOT Example– This is an example of a PM to PIVOT Report with the series of Provision Maps you need to demonstrate the Impact of your additional Provision.  This File is zipped, so download it and unzip it.  You get an Excel file with 10 tabs along the bottom- ‘Data’, a ‘KEY’ and 9 Provision Map examples for you to copy using your own PM to PIVOT Report data.  Enjoy!!


1.  Customise Provision text in the SEN Module  (ensure you do this FIRST)

2.  Adding to SIMS Lookups  (Second Activity)

3.  Adding ‘Linked Adults’  (Third Activity)

4.  Linking Provisions to Individual Pupils  (Fourth Activity- now you are linking Provisions and Pupils)

5.  Downloading and Importing Reports to SIMS  (Fifth- get my PM Reports into your SIMS to extract your data in a variety of ways)

6.  Running Provision Map Reports  (Sixth- let’s get some of that data out!!!   Hoorah)

Cost of Provisions (how to make this Report work)

Deleting Reports  (use this when you want to delete old Reports from SIMS)

Bulk Updates  (You may want to do this when you have a lot of Pupils to link with Provisions- note it wont let you add No of Pupils, No of Sessions, Length of Session or Provision Lead Adult at the same time- so limited use)

Reports (zipped for importing and running from SIMS)

Instructions: Download to Desktop | Unzip | Import to SIMS (see video above)

PM Cost of Provisions May 2015_v2  (this version has been revised to also work with MS Excel 2013 / Office 365)

PM ALL Reports Nov 2013 (recently updated- contact me if you have suggestions for more improvements)

PM to PIVOT December 2014 E (updated Report to Excel of whole school Provision Data

Additional Material

Getting Started:   Reports Booklet March 2014  (shows examples of PM Reports you can generate from SIMS)

Getting Started:   PM- Provision Information  CollectInitial’ Provision data with this form

Getting Started:  PM- Evaluating Impact Using GAS- 2015 06 15–  Collect Provision data from teachers to inform Evaluation of the Impact of a Provision on a Pupil.

PM- Pupil Progress and Impact- BLANK– Proforma supporting collection of data and evaluation of Impact.  More comprehensive than version above.

PM- Pupil Progress and Impact- EXAMPLE– Example of how the above has been used in practice.

PM- Evaluating Pupil Progress- BLANK– Even more comprehensive version of the Above, could use to collect GAS data for SIMS.

Using GAS to Evaluate Provisions– An explanation of the use of  Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) for Evaluating Provisions

PM Agency Details PROFORMA August 2013 W– proforma for use when adding Agency Details to SIMS

PM Agent Details PROFORMA August 2013 W– proforma for use when adding an Agent’s Details to SIMS eg Speech therapist

PM Schedule 09 01 2014–  Who Does What?- to make your system work in school (Primary Model)

PM DfE Review Diagram  shows the full scope of a school’s provision mapping system, including high quality whole class teaching, guided and group work and individual interventions in order to identify and overcome potential barriers to learning.

Quality First Inclusive Teaching– similar to above- just for use in the classroom- shows Teacher’s responsibilities.