Literacy Support

Here are links to a variety of Resources for additional literacy support


Literacy Assessment Online- Edukey first 25 FREE

Early Literacy Support Materials- National Strategies materials- stored at DERA

National Literacy Trust– Loads on Reading and Writing etc – join as a school for just £100 which is probably easily worth it for all the support materials.

National Literacy Trust Resources pages– view available resources p3 is FREE download of part of their whole school Literacy Audit.

Teachfind- hosting National Strategies Materials- Y3 Materials (there are lots more)

Lexia- A Phonics Led Reading Skills Solution – Proven Results- online software

BBC Bitesize English Resources– this link takes you to KS2 stuff- lots of videos and inspirational ideas.


RAPID- catch up and SEN Resources- Pearson

 Reading Support for Schools- Pearson & Edge Hill & DfE

Making Interventions Count- Edge Hill

Reading Rockets – American, but with support of people like Henry Winkler- source of lots of strategies, ideas and apps to support struggling readers and writers.

Accelerated Reader– from Renaissance Learning, an on-line resource to support and promote reading in schools.


Strategies for Improving Writing at KS2- Suffolk -Useful and practical ideas to support improving writing skills.

Transforming Writing Model- National Literacy Trust– Very Comprehensive overview of this project, which would provide many ideas to improve the teaching of writing in any school.

A Classroom Teacher’s Guide to Struggling Writers- Portsmouth– a very sensible article which helps define goals for schools supporting struggling writers.

See BBC Bitesize link above.

FREE Resources from Teaching Ideas website– these are poster reminders to improve writing

See above for National Literacy Trust resources

The Six Traits of Writing– Great Introduction to this system. (American- but still applicable.) ‘Effective Strategies for Teaching Writing to Struggling Readers’.

The Six Traits of Writing System– Smekens Educational Solutions Inc- A system to improve writing in school with Billions of FREE on-line ideas to support this system.  A starting place for the stuck!

6 Traits Bulletin Board– just some more resources (and remember there are loads more)

365 Creative Writing Prompts– just for fun- it is amazing what people spend their time doing.

Descriptosaurus and Descriptosaurus Writing Challenge by NLS- Suypporting Creative Writing by giving a structure to developing ideas.

Word Aware – an effective whole school approach to develop spoken and written vocabulary of all Primary Aged children.

Colourful Semantics– Children work through the 5 levels of the Colourful Semantics programme to eventually produce grammatical and informational sentences- includes training and an app for mobiles


Teaching Spelling and Phonics- A Handbook for Teachers- TES Resource– *ZIP*- A very comprehensive resource to support the teaching of spelling.  You will need to unzip this resource once you have downloaded it. Excellent.