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Resources from my SENCO Updates.

OfSTED Inspection Framework

OfSTED Inspection Handbook 2015

SENCO Update sessions are currently once a term, from 1.30 at the following venue:

Midlands Technology Centre, Wolverhampton Business Park, Broadlands, Wolverhampton, WV10 6TA.
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Resources 08 03 2016

SENCO Update 2016 03 08 Mindmap– ZIPPED Mindmap in pdf format- with all the links that work.  Click to download the ZIP FILE the UNZIP it.  Open the result in Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software.

Education and Adoption Bill 2016– passed 23 02 2016 this is link to website, with announcement and link to the Bill which goes before the Queen.

Ed&Adopt Bill Briefing– This was the briefing supplied to the Lords by ALL Education Unions and other associations.  Very interesting statistics included.

Focus on SEND– NASEN- FREE CPD for all mainstream teachers to be launched in April 2016 at NASEN Live. This is link to News page.

Working Together to Safeguard Children– DfE March 2015-

KCSIE July 2015–Keeping Children Safe in Education- DfE July 2015

NSPCC On-line Child Safeguarding Training– £20

SEND News Feb 2016- DfE– Latest from DfE on 0-25 SEND Reforms and implementation.

Rochford review- interim statement– assessment of children working below National Curriculum test levels.  Full report due Spring/Summer 2016

EHC Plan Resources

A selection of Resources to support good practice in writing EHCs:

EHC Checklist 2016

EHC Plan example- Pri

EHC Plan example- Sec

EHC Plan Presentation 2016

Bullying Resources

Bullying toolkit– from Eyes on Bullying website…

Bullying- role of bystander– EXCELLENT Resource to support anti-bullying work.  Advice and ideas to use in class, from hereford Grid for Learning.

Bullying– a ppt to support Bullying and Bystander assembly.

SEAL– Link to all SEAL Materials and support


See resources from previous SENCO Updates Below:

 Resources 10 11 2015

SENCO Update 2015 11 10– Mindmap for my SENCO Update- includes all the links to everything we covered.  This is a zipped file- so download it to your desktop, un-zip to a pdf that is interactive in Adobe Reader.

OfSTED Inspection Framework  The new 2015 COMMON framework for Inspection

OfSTED Inspection Handbook 2015  Detail for schools, early years and 16-19 colleges.

Join the Dots–  2015 Driver Youth Trust Report on whether the SEND reforms are working for those with SEND.

THRIVE–   Thrive helps adults prepare children and young people for life’s emotional ups and downs.    The Approach teaches you how to be, and what to do, with children’s differing and sometimes challenging behaviour.   As a result, children become more self-assured and ready to engage with life and learning.  EXCELLENT Training.  See also my Mental Health and Social Resilience Resources


Resources 26 11 2014

SENCO Update 26 11 2014-zip -download and unzip this interactive pdf mindmap with links to all resources mentioned in the session


Resources 18 03 2015

SENCO Update 18 03 2015- zip – download and unzip this interactive mindmap pdf of the whole session

Governors handbook – Update on SEND section of the new Governor’s Handbook 2015- DfE

Governor’s Questions – some questions the SEND Governor may wish to ask their SENCO on behalf of the Governing Body.

Weblinks arising from discussion on 18 03 2015

5 A Day TV– was recommended as a great way of getting children going again through exercise in class.

The School Bus -recommended as a great source of Resources, (apparently all Wolverhampton Schools have access to this site) particularly Policy Documents.

TTS Inclusion Fix – one of our SENCOs bought this resource for all of her Teachers to support Inclusion in the classroom. Good use of Pupil Premium monies.  TTS do lots of other practical resources for Sensory Inclusion too.

WriteDance – was recommended to improve children’s handwriting across the school and learn new ways to motivate and encourage children with their writing.

Brain Gym – the home of UK Kinesiology Training programme.


 Resources 17 06 2015

SENCO Update 2015 06 17- Mindmap -zip

SENCO Update 17 06 2015 is an Interactive  Mindmap– this is zipped, so download- then ‘unzip‘.  Remember you can Click On the link icons in this Mindmap and they will work!!!.

DfE- SEND Reform Information Packs:

DfE Pathfinders Information Pages– where you can find the Information Packs below….

Local+Offer+Information+Pack_Version+6_FINAL_V1.0– DfE

Local Offer Self Evaluation Toolkit- SE7 Pathfinder- useful checklist to support Local Offer

SEND Information Report Toolkit- Coventry– useful advice on writing School’s SEND Information Report for publishing on website.

Assessment+and+EHC+plan+Information+Pack_Version+6_March+15– DfE

Evidence Writers Pack- Portsmouth– Very Comprehensive- Excellent for writing EHC Plans.

Person Centred Annual Review forms and guide- Portsmouth– Excellent Example of a useful resource

Thinking About Writing Good Outcomes- SE7 Pathfinder– Excellent Resource for writing EHC Outcomes.

Outcomes Progress Wheel- SE7– for printing and using

Personal+Budgets+Information+Pack_March+2015_VERSION+6 PfA Toolkit– DfE

Joint+Commissoning+Information+Pack+Version+6+March+2015 -DfE

Engagement+and+Participation+Information+Pack_March+2015_VERSION+6– DfE


About-me -from VIPER website (Voice, Inclusion, Participation, Empowerment, Research)

Preparing+for+Adulthood_Version+5_March+2015– DfE

Preparing for Adulthood- Good Practice Toolkit– Excellent and comprehensive resource.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Mental_Health_and_Behaviour_-_Information_and_Tools_for_Schools_240515 -DfE latest Guidance May 2015

Counselling_in_schools_-240315 – DfE latest Guidance March 2015

MindEd – MindEd is a free educational resource on children and young people’s mental health for all adults.  FREE Excellent E-learning Resource

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