Sensory and/or Physical needs

Sensory and/or physical needs require specialist support and/or equipment to access their learning, or habilitation support

  • Many children and young people with vision impairment (VI),
  • hearing impairment (HI) or a
  • multi-sensory impairment (MSI)

Sensory friendly Classrooms

Sensory_Audit_or_Schools_and_Classrooms- IDP   Sensory Audit – designed bu Val Jones and Ian Attfield from the IDP section on sensory perception and responses.

Making you and your clasroom more sensory friendly Elaine ORiordan – Brilliant Occupational Therapist presentation.

Sensory Checklist -Biel and Peske,2005 – for assessing whether a child may need (or not) support in this area.

Visual Impairment



Hearing Impairment


Count Us In: Achieving Success for Deaf Pupils– EXCELLENT resource from Education Scotland.  a guide is for teachers who have deaf pupils in their classes, whether in mainstream or specialist settings.

Assessing and Monitoring the Progress of deaf Children– National Deaf children’s Society and the National Sensory Impairment Partnership- support for teachers of the Deaf

Multi-sensory Impairment


Multi-Sensory ideas and training – from Richard Hirstwood’s website

 iPad Apps for Special Education and Fun – sensory ideas from Richard Hirstwood